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weatherstrip /door seal PU foam
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weatherstrip /door seal PU foam

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Material: composite material including PE, PU, PP and TPE.


1. Using Germany technic, capability is better than all traditional seal strip.

2. Outstanding performance of sound insulation and reducing noise.

3. Excellent capability of keeping heat and saving energy.

4. Not reaction with all lacquer or cleanser.

5. Perfect flexibility in cold condition.

6. The color and specification can be customized according to customers.

SUPERIOR performances

1. Environmental safety, good insulation, high temperature resistant, compression deformation is small, resilience is strong;

2. smooth surface, foam density uniform;

3. Acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, non-toxic;

4. Good surface not viscosity, permeability is good;

5. The 100% high quality raw materials, and pass strict inspection, accord with environmental protection requirement.

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